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California handcrafted lightweight aluminum card holders finished in durable bright powdercoated colors

Elegance in Design and Function

Welcome to Emerald Card Holders, makers of elegant enhancements for gaming!

Emerald Card Holders specializes in creating enhancements for your favorite card games that make game play easier, faster and more organized! Handcrafted in California from durable lightweight aluminum finished in bright hard baked powdercoated  colors, these gaming products provide years of enjoyment for all.   Begun as a group of hard-core “Hex tile board game” (IP ISSUE here) Euro sized card players who realized they were spending too much time organizing the game board and cards resulting in a series of card holders supporting Hex tile board games games, Emerald Card Holders now offers a selection of products for multiple other games such as Ticket to Ride and Magic the Gathering and other CCG games.  More products are always being added, so keep coming back to check, or email us your favorite game in need of a great card holder.

Please explore our products, we are sure you will see how they will enhance your game play!

Emerald Card Holders is a part of the Emerald Design group  (